We've all heard the saying about cats having nine lives, and while your furbaby might not posses those exact superpowers, there are some things you can do to help them live their best life. September is Happy Healthy Cat Month, so we've compiled a list of ideas to help keep your cat healthy and happy.

Have a Balanced Meal Plan
Cats are natural carnivores that need a high-moisture, meat-based diet. Dry kibble alone doesn't always provide them the nutrients they need, so incorporate wet food into their diet.  Be sure to monitor their food consumption as food avoidance could be a sign of medical issues. Remember to keep their treat consumption to a minimum - 5-10% of daily caloric intake is the suggested amount.

Provide Clean Water
Did you know that cats originated as desert animals? This is why they're so particular about water consumption. Wide, flat water dishes can prevent whisker stress, a sensory over-stimulation. Water fountains provide an intriguing, unique water source.

Go to the Vet
Yearly wellness exams are an excellent way to ensure your kitty is in tip-top shape by keeping them up-to-date on vaccines and pest prevention.  It also helps to catch any potential problems as early as possible.

Don't Skip Dental Care
Your pet's teeth say a lot about their general health. Tartar build-up, gingivitis, and plaque all lead to bacterial growth in the rest of the body, which can contribute to serious health issues down the line. Keep your cat's teeth clean by brushing them with toothpaste specifically for cats.

Provide Toys and Mental Stimulation
Exercise and play can help prevent weight gain and stress and also helps encourage their natural instincts. They need to be able to partake in hunting, pouncing, climbing, and scratching. Interactive cat trees, toy mice, laser toys, and toy balls are all excellent items for your cat.

Keep Your Cat Indoors
Indoor cats live longer and are less likely to be exposed to traumas, toxins, pests, and predators. Outdoor playtime is possible with leash-training and walking, cat backpacks, or enclosed "catios" where your cat can enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the dangers.

Spay/Neuter Your Cat
Studies suggest that cats that are spayed or neutered live longer and have improved health. Spaying and neutering your pet can curb bad behavior and reduces pet homelessness.

Microchip Your Cat
No matter how hard we try to keep them indoors, cats can wander outside and get lost. Get all pets micro-chipped and keep the registration and contact information updated to ensure a greater chance of their return should they wander from home.