Doggy daycare, or daycamp as it’s called at Posh, can be a great solution for many dogs that need extra attention, socialization, exercise, or stimulation. Here are some great reasons to see if daycamp is the right fit for your dog. 



A vital part of a Dog’s development and happiness can be attributed to their socialization. Exposure to other dogs and experiences is good, even essential to the prosperity of our furry best friends. As pack animals, socialization and play is key in how they learn to cope and interact with the world through their instinctual behaviors. On a basic level, learning to play well with other dogs under the watchful eye of expert staff teaches them good manners as they build canine relationships, and can help to encourage them to feel calm and confident in a variety of situations. While open group daycamp is not the ideal environment to start a dog's socialization for a variety of reasons, it can be a good option to fortify bonds and nurture the pack instinct once a dog has had a chance to become comfortable with exposure and socialization in other outlets. Outlets such as working with a trainer can help start the socialization journey and provide key opportunities to set our pups up to succeed in group environments once they become comfortable and confident. Posh provides training course options to help dogs and their owners on their behavior learning journey. 

Human contact and affection

For dogs that suffer from [separation anxiety] or that are simply more sensitive to feeling lonely, a daycamp environment is an amazing outlet for extra human interaction. Making friends with the other dogs in the pack is certainly helpful, but so is having caring humans around to watch out for a dog’s individual needs and well being, and of course shower every pooch with lots of love an affection. 

Qualified Supervision

There are many reasons for us to want our pets to be looked after in our absence. Sometimes our pets get nervous or stressed when they are left alone and exhibit behaviors that are unhealthy or destructive. Sometimes it’s as simple as long work hours that we don’t want our little guys to spend lonely, or go too long without a potty break. Some pets need medication, or health supervision throughout the daytime while their parent is at work. Others are just full of extra energy and need someone to throw the ball a bajillion times over, or play games with them so that they feel stimulated in mind and body and are ready to bond with their families in the evening hours. 

Training supplementation 

Consistency and practice is key in your pet’s training. Having a knowledgeable pack leader that can continue working with your dog on the behaviors and tricks that are part of their training regimen is a priceless boost to your pet’s learning process. It enforces the hard work you and your pet have put in to learning and building those expectations and develops an even stronger understanding in your pet when those commands or expectations come consistently and from more than just one handler. 


Engagement & stimulation

Exercising a dog’s mind is just, if not more so, as important as exercising their bodies. Practicing tricks and behavior training that they’ve been working on, playing games that make them engage their brains, or solving puzzles are classic ways of stimulating activities that make daycamp an excellent way for dogs to spend their days. Regularly mixing physical activity and mental activity can create a longevity in dogs that can keep them spry and joyous through out their lives. Learn more about how stimulating a dog’s mind influences their overall wellness [here]. 

Exercise & Channel excess energy

Combined with socialization and play, daycamp provides a healthy opportunity for dogs to have a more naturally active lifestyle. Running, and chasing, and learning, the pack environment is filled with very enriching opportunities for a dog to expel energy and have a good time. 

Bathroom breaks

Of course, one aspect that makes daycamp a great solution for busy owners besides the vibrant means of socializing, playing, and stimulation, are the bathroom breaks. There is no worry about having to pay a dog walker, or rushing home on lunch breaks to let the dog out because their chance to relieve themselves is built in to their day among all of the other social, mental, and physical benefits of playing in a group daycare environment. 

Posh Standards

Posh takes the well being that daycamp can provide for your dog very seriously and implements policies that keep your pet safe, happy, and of course pampered during their stay. Such as careful pack introductions based on temperament and size, taking the Dog Guru’s off leash play pledge, making sure that all pack leaders are qualified and attentive, and more. Learn about picking the perfect doggy daycare for your dog.