The holidays are upon us, and with them come family gatherings, festivities, and travel. It's important to make sure your pet has a safe and comfortable environment when they board. As a pet parent, anytime you decide to leave your fur babies somewhere new can be a bit overwhelming. What do you bring? Will they be comfortable? Will they have fun? You want the best for them, and so do we! Let us at the Posh Paw Resort remove the stress and fear of boarding for both you and your pet. We’ll love them like they're our own and send them home as happy as can be.

What do I need to bring with me when my dog boards? 

We offer raised beds in each suite, but you are welcome to bring your dog's own bed/bedding and items that smell like home, as long as, they do not have a history of chewing.  For your pet's safety, we do not allow towels, real bones, rawhides, or antlers, as they pose a choking hazard.  As an alternative, the safest items to bring are Kong toys or Nyla bones. We recommend keeping your dog on the same diet, so please bring their own food. During holiday stays, we also ask that you please pre-bag your pet's food by meal to ensure efficiency. We offer house food for $3 a day, if needed. Be sure to check out our Posh Perks, such as Bark Avenue treats, peanut butter or pumpkin frozen yogurt, cuddle times, and more available at check-in.

How many potty breaks do boarding dogs get a day?

Whether your dog is playing in a daycamp playgroup or gets one-on-one human play time, all guests take potty breaks outside every 2-3 hours during the day.  We also come back before bedtime to let them outside one last time to potty between 8:30-10:30pm.  

Will my 10 pound dog be playing with a 50 pound dog?

We absolutely do not mix sizes for play times or potty times. All dogs are kept only with dogs their own size for safety reasons.  For their comfort, we make sure to match your dog with the correct age and energy level group. Play times are on a rotation schedule, and we have webcam access to these indoor and outdoor play areas. Be sure to ask for the password at check-in so you can see your pup play!

Do I need to make a reservation for daycamp?

Our daycamp can be very busy at times, especially during the bustling holiday season. We require an introduction process for all new dogs to properly meet our pack and assure their comfort. This introduction must be scheduled with the front desk. We also require that you call ahead for daycamp to ensure your dog's playtime spot. It's a great idea to schedule a recurring appointment if you know your dog will be returning certain days each week.

These simple steps ensure the most enjoyable and stress-free experience for both you and your pet.  As always, the Posh Paw Staff is happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to call or email us at [email protected]. From all of us at the Posh Paw Resort, we wish you and your loved ones a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!