What's more enjoyable than a cold treat on a hot summer day? Not much. Like humans, pets need a way to beat the heat during the dog days of summer. What better way than to spoil them with some homemade summer treats that are sure to keep them happy and cool. Remember to avoid foods with additives and high sugar content, and as always, ice water, ice cubes, and shaved ice make an excellent summer treat for any pet.

PB+J Freezes
Strawberries and peanut butter are all it takes for this simple treat. Get the recipe here.

Feline Sundae or Sno-cone
Make this delicious treat with shaved ice and your cat's favorite food.

Minty Fresh Freezies
These treats help freshen your pup's breath as well.

Frozen Apple Bites
Add peanut butter to this recipe for extra flavor.

Coconut Blueberry Drops
Not only are these treats delicious but coconut helps make your furbaby's coat shiny and healthy. Add honey for a little extra sweetness.

Doggie S'mores
S'mores aren't just for humans. Your pup can enjoy this summertime staple, too.

Frozen Kong Treats
Not only do Kongs offer hours of enjoyment, but you can fill them with yummy treats, as well. Check out this site for multiple recipes for your pup.

These pupsicles are perfect for indulging your pooch on a hot summer day. Check out this recipe for a fruity version.

Chicken Stock Freezes
These cool treats are perfect for your cat or dog. Add parsley for some extra greens, and be sure to use sodium-free bouillon or stock.

Ultimate Paw-some Ice Cake
This uber cake is the perfect treat for summer, complete with treats and toys alike. Add chicken stock for added flavor.