Pet Costume Ideas We Absolutely Love

Autumn is here and with that comes festivals, parades, parties, costumes, and candy!  Halloween is fun for people of all ages, so why not include your pet in the festivities? Whether you’re going to a party, contest, or just out trick-or-treating, we’ve rounded up spook-tacular costume ideas for your pet that won’t break the bank. We’ve even included  some links so you can make the perfect do-it-yourself costume.   Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Scuba Dogs
  2. Ruff-eree
  3. Mountain Rescue Dog
  4. Skunk
  5. Where’s Waldo?
  6. Lego Block
  7. Frankenpup
  8. Lion
  9. Bear
  10. Chia Pet 
  11. Thing 1 and Thing 2
  12. TY Beanie Baby
  13. Star Wars
  14. Harry Potter
  15. Superdog
  16. Ghost
  17. S’more
  18. Sushi Roll
  19. Martini
  20. Tootsie Roll
  21. Pumpkin
  22. Piñata
  23. Taco
  24. Hot Dog
  25. Garden Gnome
  26. Rocket Dog
  27. Grandma
  28. Business Pup
  29. Spider
  30. Bumble Bee