Keeping Pets Safe Around Wildlife

Spring is almost here! As the weather gets warmer, many of us will spend more time outdoors, and that includes our pets. Local wildlife can pose threats to our furbabies any time of year, even more so when the weather is nice. However with a little preparation and awareness, the outdoors can be safe for you, your pet, and natural wildlife.

  1. Keep pets leashed! It’s tempting to have your pet off-leash whilst out and about, but leashing you cat or dog will ensure they’re safety. Other dogs, skunks, bobcats, coyotes, and birds of prey can be a threat to your pet, but new smells and unfamiliar territory can result in a lost pet or unsafe encounter, as well. If you’d prefer your pet play off-leash, an supervised play in an enclosed yard or park is your best bet. Remember that a leashed pet is a safe pet.
  2. Secure your fence and yard. For the pets that are allowed yard access, ensure that your fences are properly secured. Not only does this prevent your furbaby from escaping, but it also keeps dangerous predators from getting in. Fixing gaps in posts, holes, and easy access points allows your pet a safe place to play outdoors.
  3. Spay and neuter your pets. Intact males and females get particularly twitterpated this time of year, which can lead to unwanted litters and an increase of wandering pets in search of a mating partner. Fixing your pet is the best way to keep this from happening.
  4. Keep vaccines up-to-date. Cats and dogs run the risk of contacting rabies from other animals. Unwanted diseases are one of the primary risk factors pets face when coming into contact with other wildlife. Keeping your pet’s vaccines up-to-date is a proactive way to protect your pet from disease.
  5. Keep garbage secure and out of reach. Trash doesn’t only appeal to your pups – stray cats, opossums, raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, bears, and others like to forage for any leftover goodies. Warm weather intensifies the scent emanating from your bins, so make sure lids are secure and trash receptacles are locked away to avoid any unwanted visitors.
  6. Make noise! Remember to make noise when you head outdoors or whilst on the trail. Put bells on your pet’s leash or collar and your equipment. It might sound silly, but making noise alerts other animals of your presence and warns them to keep a safe distance.

There’s much to love about the great outdoors, wildlife included. With these tips, you ensure not only the safety of your furbaby but that of other wildlife so that we can all safely co-exist.