The Season of Giving doesn't end with the holidays. Rescue groups and animal shelters need help year round. If you're still in need of a resolution for the new year, why not consider helping homeless pets.

  1. Donate to a local shelter. Every penny counts when caring for animals, and shelters need as much financial support as they can get. The next time you pass an adoption event, drop some money in the adoption jar or make a donation through their website. This is a small way to make a big difference.

  2. Round up at the register. Several major pet store chains offer customers the chance to donate those extra cents to animal welfare organizations and/or local shelters. Next time you're shopping for your pet, consider making a donation. Every little bit counts.

  3. Donate supplies to shelters and rescue groups. Most shelters and rescue groups have a wish list of supplies or equipment necessary to keep shelter pets safe, comfortable, and fed. New or gently used crates, leashes and collars, towels, blankets, toys, and food are always in demand. This is an excellent option if your budget doesn't allow for cash donations.

  4. Volunteer your skills. Are you an experienced accountant, graphic designer, or groomer-in-training? From office and administration roles to training, grooming, feeding, and education and outreach, there are many aspects to shelter and rescue operations. Make a habit to offer your talents once a week.

  5. Volunteer your time. Many rescue groups and shelters are overworked and understaffed. Cleaning kennels, refreshing water bowls, feeding, walking, or socializing pets is a great way to make a difference in your community.

  6. Become a foster home. Your schedule may not dictate time to volunteer, but you can still help from home. Many shelters rely on foster homes to aid in the adoption process. By providing a foster home, you help animals adapt to the routine of home life and how to get along with other animals, children and people of all ages. This process makes adoptable animals that much more appealing to potential owners.

  7. Help at adoption events. Whether you're there to support the staff, keep the animals calm, answer questions, or make sure your foster pets shine, your presence helps. Ask your local shelter or rescue group how you can help at their next adoption event.

  8. Encourage your friends and family to adopt. Adoption saves lives. If you're friends and family are looking for a furbaby, invite them to your shelter's next adoption event.

  9. Share on social media. This is an excellent option if you cannot donate your time or money. Support shelter or rescue groups by sharing their links on social media platforms. If you know someone looking for a new pet, encourage them to visit the shelter's site. Repost pet profiles and adoption specials on your social media accounts. You never know which one of your connections will find their perfect furbaby.

  10. Spay or neuter your pets. You can help homeless animals by ensuring no more homeless animals are created. Take responsibility for your pets, and know that an animal is a life-long commitment.