Winner of Living Magazines - Best Groomer Award

Winner of Living Magazines - Best Groomer Award


The Posh Paw provides professional grooming for all breeds and  a seasoned grooming staff to ensure your pets safety and comfort.  Our groomers have a tremendous love for dogs and make each customer feel special throughout their grooming visit.  We are a by-appointment facility to ensure your pet doesn't wait long for their turn to be pampered.

We offer two types of grooming depending on the breed of your dog and desired cut:
Full Spa – this treatment is for dogs that requires a complete haircut including the length of the body,  legs and the face. A typical Full Spa treatment would be for a dog that requires a full body haircut.
Mini Spa – this treatment is for a dog that requires less trimming. The Mini Spa treatment would be a good option for a dog that only needs trimming of their face, feet and sanitary area.

Full Spa and Mini Spa include: Hair style and cut, bath, manicure, ear cleaning, ear plucking, blow dry, conditioning treatments with a proper brush and comb out. Once your groom is complete we then decorate them with a boa and a pleasant fragrance. Extras include Anal Gland Expressions, Nail Grinding, Teeth Brushing, Medicated or Hypoallergenic Shampoo, Furminating, and more.

Grooming and Bathing fee's are based on a combination of your dog's breed and coat condition as well as the overall behavior of the pet.

*All grooms require proof of the following vaccines:  Rabies, Dhppv (Distemper/Parvo), and  Bordetella (canine cough vaccine).


Additional Services:
  • Furminating/shed-out $15-30
  • Upgraded shampoo or Whitener $3-6
  • Medicated Aloe shampoo $6
  • Hypoallergenic Oatmeal shampoo $3
  • "Pawdicure" $20-25
  • Nail Grinding $12
  • Nail Grinding with Spa Appointment $7
  • Ear Cleaning $12
  • Conditioning $3-6
  • Day Care with Spa Appointment $15