Much like the 13 Must-have Apps for Savvy Pet Parents we’ve made a list of some interesting ways to incorporate technology and innovative products in to the modern era of pet parenting.
Smart Collars, Tags, & Leashes
From tracking your pet's activity and wellness, to tracking your pet themselves, smart-gadgets don't just stop at phones and watches for the humans these days. There are some useful products to keep tabs on your fuzzy friends as well.
Smart Feeders and Fountains
Life is hectic and busy, and we are always looking for ways to make our every day activities go a little smoother. Automatic feeders that can be set to a timer or water fountains to keep your pet's bowl fresh are here to help you out.
Pet Cams
Sometimes you just need a mid-day cutie fix, and why settle for some goofy online video of someone else's pet when you can take a live peek at your own? These can also come in handy when you need to check in on your furbaby while you're at work or out of town.
Doggy Doorbells
When it's time to be let out for a potty break, or when business is done and it's time to come back in, training your dog to use a doggy doorbell can be a very handy addition to your routine.
Techie Toys
Let's face it - we're all about pampering our pets. Stimulating and engaging toys help your pet feel happier by keeping their mind and body active as they play hard and learn new things.
For around the home
Allergies and fuzz from our fluffy friends can be challenging and bothersome. Some high tech help to reduce the hassle is always appreciated. These gadgets help keep your home clean.