Posh has had a growing number of feline guests at the resort lately, and we’ve been very happy to get to know lots of new fuzzy faces. February is national cat health month and an excellent opportunity to showcase our kitty pals and talk about their wellness.

Annual wellness checkup

A visit to the vet is where the key to pet wellness always begins. Your vet knows you and your pet’s needs first hand, and can help you make informed choices to maintain the best possible quality of life for your cat. Their expertise is imperative to the ongoing health and happiness in your cat, but even the healthiest of pets should see their vet for an annual checkup. This provides a chance for you to ask any questions you may have been stowing up and for your vet to notice any changes in health needs that may have come about since the last visit. This helps you as a pet parent be more proactive and aware in keeping your cat happy and healthy, as you and your vet work as a team to catch or prevent any health concerns in your fuzzy loved one.



There are a few vital vaccinations that help to keep your cat healthy and prevent common illnesses. You can even align your cat’s vaccine schedule to your annual wellness checkup so that your vet can give her any necessary boosters when they are performing their regular examination. Up-to-date vaccinations and records are a keystone in preventative health for your cat, and are required documentation to have on file by reputable petcare facilities. Posh requires current vaccination records for our feline boarders for their safety and the general well being of the other guests and can be sent over directly from the vet’s office at the annual visit so that they are ready to go and stress free, should you need to board your fluffy love.


Dental Health

February is also national pet dental health month. Feline teeth need attention too. Another tick-box you can check off at that annual wellness visit is a teeth cleaning and checkup. Most cats can be fussy about having their teeth brushed, unless they have been conditioned to feel like it’s normal from an early age, so the help of a vet can be very useful for the upkeep of your cat’s teeth. Ask your Vet while you are there for tips to keep your cat’s teeth and mouth clean and maintained between visits.



Much like humans and other animals, the fuel we give our cats to put into their bodies is a major building block of their overall health. A high quality diet tailored by your vet’s recommendations to any specific needs or dietary restrictions your cat has will go a very long way to creating a happy healthy cat.



Keeping a cat trim so that they are more comfortable, active, and less prone to certain health complications is key as well. Portion control of that high quality diet, paired with sensible treat giving habits, and plenty of stimulation and exercise can help you keep your cat’s weight under control.



While Posh provides loving and engaging boarding for cats, we do not offer cat grooming. It is good to create a grooming routine for you feline companions. Skin and coat health can be affected by nutrition and general wellness. Cats have an instinct to groom themselves, but they can use help in removing excess shedding and stimulating the natural oils in their skin with a brush, or brushing glove. Petting and massaging your cat daily can also help you stay aware of the health of cat’s body, skin, and coat and most cats absolutely adore the attention. It also helps strengthen the bond between furparent and feline.


Mental Health

Cats, much like humans, can have increased health concerns if they become stressed, depressed, or even bored. Keeping an engaging environment and making efforts to minimize stress for your cat is vital for their wellness. You can start when they are young to condition them to be comfortable in a carrier so that if you need to take them to the vet or for boarding they are less rattled. Cat toys and interactive play keeps cats young in mind and spirit and helps them avoid that sense of boredom that can lead to stress and depression. Building a bond with the cat that fosters a deep trust can help them through difficult times when they might otherwise feel anxious or unsettled.



Cats are happiest in a clean environment they can feel comfortable in. This includes keeping litter boxes fresh, and making sure that the air quality is high to insure their respiratory systems remain strong and healthy. Cats can be fussy about eating in messy areas, or if their routines or environments are interrupted.


Spay or Neuter

Having your pet altered is an option that can help bolster the overall wellness of your cat and improve their general quality of life. Spaying or Neutering your pet can help prevent many wellnesses or complications related to reproductive and hormonal health during your cat’s life.


Cats can be more coy when it comes to showing off their health needs. A good signal to watch for is how they interact with their litterbox. If their habits change unexpectedly, or they are having frequent accidents, it is likely that stress or illness is to blame.


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