Easter Safety Tips for Pets

Though Easter celebrations may look and feel a little differently this year, it is just around the corner. It’s a time of welcoming spring, feasting, family, and friends. Our pets are apart of the family, and it’s up to us to ensure their safety in all gatherings and celebrations. A little planning and preparation ensures everyone can enjoy the holidays. We’ve even got some special Easter recipes for treats that your furbabies can enjoy!

  • Stay away from plastic grass for Easter baskets and decorations. If ingested, plastic grass can remain stuck at  the back of the tongue or in the stomach making it impossible to pass through their digestive system. It can cause severe damage to the intestinal tract and require surgery. If using plastic grass, keep out of reach of your pets.

  • Keep chocolate and candy out of reach. Not only is chocolate poisonous for dogs, but artificial sweeteners found in candy is hazardous as well. In fact, during the week of Easter, Pet Poison Helpline reports that calls increase nearly 200 percent due to ingested chocolate. Wrappers can also cause intestinal blockage. Keep your furbaby safe by ensuring all sweets are eaten and put away before your pet joins the party.

  • Guests can cause anxiety. If you plan on having friends and family over to celebrate, it’s a good idea to have them visit ahead of time. This allows your pet to be more comfortable with guests and less frightened. However, if you know your pet does not enjoy a house full of people, make sure they’re safe and secure in another part of the house away from all the noise and celebration.

  • Caffeinated drinks and alcohol are toxic to animals.  Make sure your guests leave their beverages out of reach of any curious pets.

  • Some lovely spring plants, like lilies, are highly toxic to cats. Keep these plants away from your furry friend. If you suspect that your cat has ingested or licked plant leaves, call your vet immediately.

  • Include your furbaby in an Easter egg hunt. Put dog or cat treats in eggs that are different colors from those for the kids. Fill the treats with pungent treats, like freeze-dried liver or sardines, and have your pet follow their nose. Hard-boiled eggs are another safe option for dogs. Toys and treats specifically made for pets are an excellent way to have them enjoy the holiday.

Keep these tips in mind while you’re enjoying Easter feasts and fun. The holidays don’t have to be just for humans – furry family members can join in on the celebration, too. Have a safe and fun Easter!