At the Posh Paw Resort, we want your dog to experience a comfortable relaxing stay along with active play time and plenty of staff interaction and affection. We understand dogs need active healthy stimulation and human contact to enjoy a balanced stay.

Our overnight boarding options include Luxury Suites (individual bedrooms), Small Dog Boarding Room suites, and modern Medium and Large suites in our main kennel area. Play time is included in overnight stays, either as group play or one on one with our staff, in one of our indoor Rubberized play rooms, Luxury lounge with a tv, or outdoors in one of the spacious Turf yards. If your pet currently takes medication, we will be glad to ensure that they receive the proper dosage while you are away, for no additional fee. However, we do not give injections so would recommend boarding at a veterinary facility for these needs. Our experienced staff consists of both Vet Technicians and certified CPR and first aid techs to evaluate all guests. During the day, Daycamp approved dogs play while being monitored by our caring staff members. Your dog does not need to be spayed or neutered in order to board with us but they do have to be in order to participate in daycamp. Separate play time with a human is also provided for those not attending daycamp. Sundays we do not offer organized Daycamp but guests will be going out 5-6 times during the day with their playgroup friends or a human. Closed holidays will follow the same routine. We also have webcams onsite where you are able to view your dog at play. Your pet may also enjoy a spa visit prior to leaving their vacation at The Posh Paw by booking a grooming appointment at check in. Check-out time for overnight guests is 3:00 pm Mon-Fri. Pickup after 3:00 will incur a $10 late pickup fee. Saturday and Sunday the fee is waived. If your pet receives a grooming service while boarding, the late pickup fee is waived.

Overnight stay includes:

  • Clean and Inviting Suite with raised bed
  • Webcam access to the Facility
  • Daycamp – supervised play time with other dogs (if qualified) or one on one play with staff
  • Outdoor time 6 to 7 times a day including once before bedtime
  • Administration of medicine(s)


  • Dhlppv, Bordetella, and Rabies Vaccinations
  • Completed enrollment form

Posh Paw Suite-  6 x 4'  overnight rate

  • $44/night
  • 2nd guest or more – $34/night

Royal Paw Suite – 6 x 7' overnight rate

  • $58/night
  • 2nd guest – $48/night
  • 3rd guest or more – $38/night

Petite Paw Suite – 4 x 4' overnight rate

  • $39/night – Single Occupancy only

Luxury Queen or King Suite – 7 x 7' overnight rate

  • $68/night
  • 2nd guest - $58/night
  • 3rd guest or more- $38/night
*food can be provided for an additional $3/day, however we do recommend that you bring your own. We do provide filtered water for all pets.

Posh Paw Perks available online or at check-in

Treats Price
All Natural Banana & Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt by Yoghund $3 per cup
All Natural Apple Juice & Cheddar Frozen Yogurt by Yoghund $3 per cup
Bark Avenue Bakery Baked Treat $1.50 per treat
Kong Toy with Treat $2.50 per treat
Spa & Pampering Price
Ear cleaning $12
Nail trim $7
Nail grind $12
Pawdicure - Nail grind & Polish $25
Teeth brushing $10
Grooming Special - nail grind,teeth,anal glands $20
Activities Price
Cuddle session - 10 minute private one on one with staff member $10 per day
Private Dining - Meal time with a staff member or in private room $4 per meal
Packages Price
Snack Package - Includes Frozen Yogurt, Bark Avenue treats, Kong with treat $5 per day
Pamper Me Posh Package - featured on our Facebook page and cuddle session $15 per day
Ultimate Posh Package - Includes the Pamper me Posh and Snack Package $18 per day