General Questions

When is the best time to come tour your facility and boarding area?
We welcome tours Monday-Saturday and it's best to come between 10am - 4pm. This will allow you to see most of our boarding dogs in their appropriate play groups, and a quieter kennel for touring. You can also take a virtual tour of our facility if you are unable to stop to see us!

Dog Boarding

What do I need to bring with me when my dog boards?
We offer raised beds and bedding in each suite but you are welcome to bring your dog's own bed/bedding as well as toys. We also provide all food bowls and water bowls as well but if your dog uses a slow feeder at home, you are welcome to bring that as well. We recommend keeping your dog on the same diet, so please bring their own food. We do offer house food for $3 a day. You can also bring treat from home or check out our Posh Perks such as Bark Avenue treats, frozen yogurt and more available at check-in or online when booking your appointment.
How many potty breaks do boarding dogs get a day?
Whether your dog is playing in a daycare playgroup or gets one-on-one human play time, all guests take potty breaks every 2-3 hours during the day.
Do you administer medications for boarding dogs?
Yes, we ensure that your dog receives their medications as needed. However, we do not give injections so would recommend boarding at a veterinary facility for these needs.
Can I bring my own food?
Yes, bringing your own food is the best. This reduces the possibility of digestive issues.
How do you decide which boarding dogs can join daycare?
Dogs that already come to daycare at The Posh Paw are always allowed to join their normal daycare play groups while boarding. Other boarding dogs enjoy playtime with or without dogs depending on the results of a temperament test. Some breeds will be excluded from playgroups for others safety. All dogs will get playtime out of the kennel either with humans or in a playgroup.
What happens if my pet becomes ill?
Should your pet become ill while boarding with us we will contact you first and then treat at a local vet if needed.
Does my pet have to be picked up and dropped off by a certain time?
We ask that all of our boarders be dropped off at least an hour before they have time to get settled in before we close. During the week we have a late pick up fee of $10 that applies after 3pm, this fee does not apply on Saturday or Sunday.

Dog Daycamp

Will my 10 pound dog be playing with a 50 pound dog?
We absolutely do not mix sizes for play times or potty times. All dogs are kept only with dogs their own size for safety reasons.
Do I need to make a reservation for daycare?
Our daycare can be very busy at times and especially during the summer boarding months. We suggest you call ahead for daycare to ensure your dog's playtime spot. It's also a great idea to schedule a recurring appointment if you know your dog will be coming the same days each week.
How do I know if my dog is a good fit for daycare?
Initially, we have your dog come for an introductory daycare visit for two hours (cost is $15). Not all dogs enjoy socializing and that is OK. Variables are age, breed type, and whether they prefer human interaction over dog play. At your first visit, we have you complete a daycare profile form so that we know more about your dog. We DO NOT allow any new dogs to enter our playgroups until we feel they are ready/comfortable and other dogs are accepting of them. Positive signs your dog is ready: likes to play with other dogs, likes new humans. Negative signs: not friendly with new humans, dog or people aggressive, specific breed types.

Dog Grooming

What's included in a basic groom service?
A groom includes a bath, nail trim, cleaning the ears, and a hair cut. Our Groomers will meet with you at your appointment time and discuss options on the style of cut and any specials we have going on.
What is the price for grooming or bathing my dog?
All prices are based on breed and condition of dog. You are welcome to call for a price based on breed, but the most accurate quote is when you meet with our Groomer to evaluate your dog's needs.
How far ahead should I book my grooming appointment?
We typically are booked 2-3 weeks out. Remember you can also setup a reoccurring appointment to guarantee a day and time with your preferred groomer.
What is a furmination?
A de-shedding process using a special brush and air dryer to remove your dogs thick undercoat. This service is very effective in hair removal and is an add-on service to the groom cost. Click here for list of grooming services and fees.
How do I know which haircut/style is right for my dog?
For every visit one of our groomers will meet with you at drop-off to discuss your options and decide upon the look and cut you desire.

Using the Customer Portal

How do I log into the Customer Portal
You can log into the customer portal by clicking the purple button that says "Book Online- Boarding & Daycamp" located in the top right corner. It is then going to ask you if you are a current customer or if you are a new customer, only choose the new customer option if your a brand new client and we have not seen your pet before. Current customers will choose "Are you a current customer?" option, you will then follow the prompts to log into your account. If you have never logged into the portal before you will use the email or phone number on file to login, it will then prompt you to create a password for your account .
How do I purchase daycamp packages using the Customer Portal?
You can purchase daycamp packages from the convenience from your own home! You can log into the customer portal by clicking the purple button that says "Book Online- Boarding & Daycamp" located in the top right corner. Once you are logged in, click on the purple button that says "Purchase Daycamp Packages and Training Videos" on the top of the left side of the page. Once you have decided on which package/packages you want to purchase, click on the plus sign next to the price of the package you want. You will then be asked how many packages you want to buy, once you have entered the amount and clicked "ok" your shopping cart will then pop up at the top of your window. Click on "Check out" button when you are ready, you will then be asked to enter your credit card information or be given the choice to use a card on file should there be one. Once you've completed your purchase you can then view your packages on the home screen of the customer portal.