1. Unconditional Love

They don’t mind if you don’t always look your best or that you make mistakes. Their opinion of how great you are will never tarnish. You don’t have to be afraid to really be yourself around your pet. They love you no matter what!

2. Endless Support

Whatever it is, whatever you are going through, whatever you are reaching for, your furbaby always believes in you! You're their superhero, and in their eyes there is nothing that you can’t do - except for maybe give them enough pets or treats, but hey- they’re just glad when you try to keep up.

3. Loyalty at it’s finest

Dogs wrote the book on loyalty - or would have if writing was their thing. When you have an animal’s companionship, you have a friend for life. They think the world starts and stops with you, and they will always be there with those big eyes and cute smile when you need them.


4. They're great listeners

You can tell your pet anything. They can be trusted with any secret - they'll never tell. Your furbaby always wants to know how your day was, and they'll always see your side of things. You can tell them all about your biggest ideas and deepest dreams, and they will hang on your every word.


5. Mood Booster

They always know how to make us smile. When we are down, they shower us with endless affection. They always want to see us happy, and the quirky things that they do always put a smile on our faces.


6. Provide Joy

Sometimes we need to unwind and have a good time - pets really know how to keep that in perspective. They will find any excuse to play with you and make you laugh. Just having them around makes life more fun.


7. Cuddle Pros

Pets just want to be near us. Whether it’s curled up to warm your feet or a full on snuggle session, our furbabies have it going on in the cuddle department. Snuggling up together after you've been waiting all day to reunite is always a good feeling. Is that what they mean by “warm fuzzies”?  

8. They don't judge

When you just want to unwind and binge-watch your latest TV-show addiction, there is no contest from your pet. Watch whatever you want. They’ll just curl up with you for cuddles while you soak it all in. As a bonus, they won’t  judge you even when you keep watching Netflix after it asks if you're still there. Yes, we *are* still watching!


9. A Friendly Face

Whether you've been at work all day or return after getting something from the car, it doesn't matter! Your furbaby is always a ball of boundless glee when you come through that door. Imagine if everyone in your life was that happy when they got to see you. Feels good, right?


10. Social Butterfly

If you never know how to strike up a conversation or what to talk about once you do, our furry pals make great wing-pets. They're cute and fun, and they're always doing something worth raving over. Plus, taking them on walks and adventures is a great way to get us out of the house and meet new people (and their pets).


11. Easily Impressed

You don’t have to drive a fancy car, have a career you brag about, or wear the latest designer trends for your pets to think you’ve hung the moon. They're always impressed by you. Isn't that a great friend to be around? Though, if you let them sit on the couch with you and share your snack with them, they’ll probably think that you’ve fallen from the stars above.


12. Heart Melters

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to stay mad at your furbaby? Those big, innocent eyes, their cute little tails, and a tilt of their head can really do a number on our resolve. And when they curl up in your lap, ask for belly rubs and head scratches, or do goofy things while they play, it's hard to stay mad or have a bad day. The love of an animal can make your heart melt and wash all your troubles away.


13. Treat Yo'self

If there is one thing our pets get, it’s treats. When you want to do something special for yourself, your furry friend is going to think it is as great an idea as you do. Plus, when the treat is an extra large scoop of ice cream, you know they won’t judge you; though they might wonder where *their* frosty paw is.


14. Lazy Evenings at Home

Plans fell through and you’re just going to stay home? That’s fine. There is a very pleased pet happy to be part of whatever grand adventures await while you laze the night away in your pajama pants. They like it better when you’re home with them anyway.


Happy Valentine's Day!